Circle Group Radio

Radio legend Jerry "Smokin" B interviews Circle Group Media founder James Kamawe about the CGENT Radio Broadcasting Program. 

This program will offer artistically gifted students from lower income/rural Kenya an opportunity to study, harness and practice through a vocational curriculum at a school facility based in Nairobi Kenya quarterly. 

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm Call +1(404)

Our Radio Intiative



Our intention is to build a new radio station for the youth and recent high school graduates. They will also be encouraged to lend a helping hand with the building process. 


We encourage the students to participate in various team building exercises so as to give them an opportunity to contribute to their facility. We have seen this automatically trigger a need and desire in caring for the facility. 



We’re able to improve their communication skills through broadcasting.Our progress will be updated through Social Media and we encourage the community to support the children. Encouragement motivates and increases their self esteem.


We are here to make class fun by teaching the children fun ways to learn. An active mind is a productive mind. If we can keep them active and off the streets, the more successful they will be in society. Build their social and communication skills through radio. It forces them to engage in conversation with others. Plus it teaches the importance of team work.


We also partnered with the JSB Project founded 25 years ago by radio legend Jerry "Smokin B" Rupert. The Milwaukee native launched his initiative 25 years ago siting a need for community centers through out diverse communities through out the U.S inner cities and beyond.



During the month of October 2015, Circle Group ENT in conjunction with The JSB Project joined CETPA in launching Dreamrs Radio.