Circle Group Media is a multimedia company SPECIALIZING IN audio/video production & radio broadcasting.


James K.


MultiMedia Audio/Video Production Broadcasting

Circle Group Media is a multimedia company which encompasses audio/video production as well as radio broadcasting. We specialize in everything that pertains to project management, content development for marketing, community outreach and entertainment solutions for various brands. Our network is extensive and includes partnerships with Radio, Television, Non-Profit Organizations, Agencies and Digital platforms in the Atlanta area.

Client Needs

Based on whatever multimedia needs a client might have, we have the capacity to offer high quality production at competitive rates with results driven, high speed turn around, industry standard in studio and on location production. We also have the capacity to produce broadcast quality production for concerts, live events and radio remotes.

Our Partners

Some of our Media partners include iHeart Media, Core Communicators Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting.We have also worked on project for organizations such as Clinic for Education, Treatment and Prevention of Addiction (CETPA), The Global Soap Project as well as "The Georgia Law Center For The Homeless" (G.L.C.H)