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by Kamawe

For the past 18 months, we’ve sat back and watched as our newly elected president brought to our front doors a plethora of antics and racially-charged innuendos. But now the time has come, when citizens and residents of America have declared that we’ve had enough.

President Donald Trump has no boundaries as we have recently seen in the news, breaking up families and quite honestly is not being fair to the immigrants of this country. The truth of the matter is, unless you are of the Native American bloodline, we are all immigrants of this land. We do our best to bring more facts and keep our rants to a minimum.

So here it is, an ode to all of us who share the same dream and live the same reality, ‘Take Me Home’

Song Title

Take me home (In my zone)

Written by

Kamawe for Kamawe Publishing, ASCAP

Composed by

Edna Isibor

James Kamawe




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Official Release Date:
4th of July 2018