The Creative Exchange


Circle Group Media along with The JSB Project and Kenyan Based Circle Group Entertainment would like to sponsor a group of gifted high school graduate students into a creative/art program. This program will offer artistically gifted students from lower income/rural Kenya an opportunity to study, harness and practice through a vocational curriculum at a school facility based in Nairobi, Kenya quarterly.



Phase 1


For the first year we would like to qualify a total of 12 outstanding students to the program. They will be the best suited candidates for the program based on outstanding academic and characteristic performance. The students complete the program with a portfolio that they can use for presentation to universities, possible sponsors, future employers as well as experience.

Total Students Per Quarter-12

Through out various school districts in the Nairobi area we shall conduct a search for all the gifted students who shall take a test in order to qualify for the program.







Phase 2

Through this program our organization will be responsible for sponsoring these students annually towards their studies. Our intention is to become a consistent contributor to the creative arts as a whole in this region and other places. We would provide everything from a facility, equipment including room and boarding for our students during the time of their studies.


2 Months

The students will be exposed to a curriculum that will enhance their knowledge base of digital media. Upon completing the program the students will have the capacity to write, produce and edit audio/visual content.


The Exchange

We seek to partner with other local and foreign based institutions, educators and organizations that will assit us in seing this vision through.

The Creative Exchange

Make a contribution to the community and society as a whole through the arts while naturing the best in future talent.

5 year Objective

500 Students Graduated

Our Objective in the next 5 years is to have a total of 50-100 students graduating per year.